Long time no see!

Oh my! It seems like I haven't been here for 10 months!

Just wanted to share a funny story with you. Last summer I visited Paris with my friends and we saw some show filming on the Champ de Mars. I even got an Instagram pic of itCollapse )

I thought it was something like documentary about Paris, but it appeared to be a remake of Cosmos. And what's more, I eventually got into it in the backround, wow! *__* Thanks to the girls from egl for letting me know ;)

And I know, I had to post it earlier, but I totally forgot, sorry. My video about that trip to Paris. Enjoy!


Hey, everyone!

Just returned from a wonderful adventure called "Dacha" that means country house in Russia. It is beautiful, big and bright. Unfortunately, this house isn't mine. And it was reeeeally not-easy-to-get-into and too far away from my house.
Whatever, I hope to get some nice photos (thanks to Iglaness. She's a great photographer). And now I have some instagram teasers. Here they are:

And here's my instagram: mollypictures

J-Day 7

Hey, everyone!
Omg! 3 months passed since my last post here.

Well, the latest news is: I became a huuuuuge fan of "Les Miserables" movie. And I decided to make and outfit inspired by costumes from this film and the musical.

My friend Spiro agreed to perform with me at J-Day 7 festival (in St. Petersburg), so here are some photos and a video of our performance =)
Collapse )

Ah! And a GIF of me having fun! Why so serious? =)

I could write a long post about how fun and wonderful was my trip to St. Petersburg. May be I'll do it next time =)

The Ballad of Luck

Hey, everyone! Finally, I'd like to share my short film, inspired by fantasy and lolita style.
It was really interesting to work with all those people. There were many problems during shooting and post production, but I'm happy that the result is really close to what I imagined =)
Thanks to everyone who took part in this project! I couldn't do all this work without my friends' support.

So, enjoy!

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Hey, everyone! Sorry, for posting so rarely m(_ _)m
I've just passed my exams and got some free time now ^__^

I wanted to share some photos from interesting events I attended for the passed two months =)

On May 17th I took part in rAsia festival. I was asked to be a model for Lolita Catwalk Show. Thanks to girls from G&L festival, who invited me, I really enjoyed it!
Here's the photo from the event and video under cut. I'm in Innocent World Pompadour JSK =)
Collapse )Collapse )

The most amazing thing at the festival was Versailles concert. I love this band so much! *__* They stayed in a dressing room next to ours, so we could see them walking around. After the concert I got their signs, so happy about it! ^__^

On June 3rd we had lolita meet-up to selebrate Summer Lolita Day. Here is a group photo:

And one more - black ladies XD
Me in long dress
Collapse )

Looking at the pictures I realise how much I love lolitas, all these people. If only we could meet more often! ♥